Capture precious moments with your baby
Finger, toes and yawns. At Sneak a Peek Ultrasound, we offer packages designed to provide expectant parents with the ultimate viewing experience. Gift certificates are also available and make a perfect gift for the mom-to-be on your list.

2D Ultrasound Packages


First Peek    $65 

1st trimester only (between 7-12 weeks)

  See and measure baby’s heartbeat
3 digital 2D photos emailed
1 printed 2D photo 
5 minutes of viewing time

2D Classic    $99

Best for gender determination (gender only done at 17+ weeks)

Gender determination or confirmation (if desired)
See, hear and measure your baby’s heartbeat
6 digital 2D photos of baby emailed
1 printed 2D photo
15 minutes of viewing time
** whenever possible a few 3D images are also included with this package **
Want more photos and a USB recording of the entire appointment? Add a $15 USB to your 2D package.
Please inform your technician before the appointment begins.

3D/4D Ultrasound Packages

3D Complete     $199

Best when done between 24-32 weeks

2D + 3D photos of your baby recorded to a USB (30+ photos)
4D video of the entire appointment recorded to a USB
See, hear and measure your baby’s heartbeat
Gender determination or confirmation (if desired)
2 Printed 3D photos
25 Minutes of viewing time
Want to spend more time with baby?  All subsequent 3D/4D visits receive $50 off

Our Guarantee

If you purchase an ultrasound package that includes gender determination and we are unable to do so at that time, you are welcome to come back as often as necessary until we can tell you the gender of your baby.